SAP Ariba Reporting Options

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SAP Ariba provides reporting options and feature that is included with all modules and also includes upstream, downstream, sourcing, procure-to-order, procure-to-pay and others. In this article we will explore more about SAP Ariba Reporting Options.

In earlier days we need to perform SQL quires to retrieve the required data, however now through the easy interface for reporting, the need to write SQL queries is abolished.

This enables the users to run pre-packaged reports commonly known as standard reports as well as custom reports on the Ariba solution. Below are the lists of the reports supported in Ariba System:

  • Pre-packaged reports
  • Custom reports
  • Multi-fact reports
  • Compound reports
  • Exporting reports

To create a custom report in Ariba Solution:

  • Login to the Ariba system and click on create.
  • Then click Analytical Report

Permission to create custom reports is given to specific groups

The users with the basic permissions are able to access pre-packaged reports and public reports as read-only users under manage in Ariba Solution. The public reports are the custom reports which are saved publicly for all to use. Under pre-packaged reports, there are various documents from different modules such as sourcing, contacting, P2P (Procure-to-pay) and many others. Also, Ariba Reporting allows adding the reports to your Ariba Solution accounts dashboard based on your requirement and reporting purposes.

As the pre-packaged reports are the standard reports by Ariba we cannot modify them however, you can adjust it by specifying filters. You can also specify the report properties though integration events by modifying the CSV file that pulls report data. The integration events that can be used are:

  • ReportQueryPull Integration Event: The ReportQueryPull event is used to define Ariba Queries API queries associated with each report.

In default configuration ReportQueryPull Integration Event reads from below path:


  • ReportMetaPull Integration Event: This event defines the visual appearance and properties of reports. ReportMetaPull Integration Event reads data of following CSV files from BuyerServerRoot/variant/data:
    • csv: Describes the attribute that applies to the entire report.
    • csv File: Describes how to restrict access to reports.
    • csv File: Describes attribute of a particular column.


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