SAP Ariba Supplier Membership Fees

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As we know that Ariba Network is globally recognized as the digital platform for connecting the organizations with suppliers for trading purposes, it offers the option of membership fee to help the suppliers to gain the maximum benefit provided by the Ariba Network, this comes under the Supplier Membership Program (SME). In this article we will explore more about SAP Ariba Supplier Membership Fees.

Supplier Membership Program has two components:

  • The subscription packages
  • The network transaction services

Subscription Package

The subscription package includes the plans which charge the fees based on the number documents transacts annually with the customers as well as it is based on the technology usage. The subscription plans provided by SAP Ariba are:

  • Ariba Network Standard: This is designed for the low-level suppliers or we can say for the new suppliers in Ariba Network. It includes the fundamental functionalities that are needed for the procurement process.
  • Ariba Network Select: This subscription enables the suppliers to build the additional collaborative commerce capabilities that will act as an add-on to deal better with the customers.
  • Ariba Network Premier: The premier subscription enables the suppliers to enhance collaborative commerce capabilities through integration and provide technical support to automate the procurement processes.
  • Ariba Network Enterprise: The enterprise subscription enables the suppliers to enhance collaborative commerce capabilities through Ariba Integration Connector, to enable the connectivity to back-end system, program management services and validation services.
  • Ariba Network Enterprise Plus: It includes the enterprise subscription plan as well as it delivers the services that can be needed to make collaborative commerce a competitive advantage.

SAP Ariba Supplier Membership Fees

Below table shows the plans, their monthly charges and transaction threshold:

Plan Monthly Charges Transaction Threshold
Standard account Free $50,000 to $250,000
Select $50 $50,000 to $250,000
Premier $495 $250,000 to $1,000,000
Enterprise $2495 $1,000,000 to $10,000,000
Enterprise Plus $7495 $10,000,000 or more

Note: To get the latest and updated information regarding the SAP Ariba Pricing, you can visit here.

The subscription fee for standard plan if free of cost until the supplier has reached the limit of five transaction or crosses the chargeable transaction volume threshold.

SAP Ariba also provides five paid subscriptions levels which depend on the number of annual transactions of documents based on currency. The five levels are:

  • Premium: The premium plan includes unlimited access to portal, catalogs, customer support, reporting and supply chain collaboration.
  • Bronze: It includes all the features of the premium plan as well as the benefit of eCommerce consult team, Ariba achievement badges and free discovery RFI/RFQ responses.
  • Silver: It includes all the features of the bronze plan as well as provides the cXml and EDI integration, technical support and express integration support.
  • Gold: It includes all the features of the silver plan and additionally it provides unlimited responses to sales opportunities, eCommerce consultation services and priority support.
  • Platinum: It includes all the features of gold plan as well as it includes Ariba Live pass and extended Ariba Integration Support.

Network Transaction Services

The NTS enables the supplier to collaborate with the customers during the different procurement processes like order process, invoice and other related documents as well as managing the catalog in Ariba Network. The NTS fee is based on the volume of documents transacted annually with the customers.



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