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Preface – This post is part of the SAP on Azure series.


SAP, headquartered in Waldorf, Germany, with a location in Frankfurt, New York and Bangalore, is a large enterprise having ERP & Business objects software as its main product. SAP stands for “System, Applications & Products in Data Processing”. SAP is mainly divided into two parts in terms of hosting i.e. on premise hosting and Cloud Hosting. The SAP on premise hosting is mainly SAP HANA hosting which a relational database. In this article we will discuss in detail regarding SAP cloud hosting options.

Different SAP Cloud Hosting options

SAP, with its partnership with different global cloud hosting companies provides the following cloud hosting options:

  • HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC)
  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Alibaba cloud

Alibaba has signed a contract recently with SAP, and is majorily focused for the clients in China and nearby regions.

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is a HANA service provided by SAP on its contract. All the data was initially saved in SAP environment, later SAP opened it up to an eco-system of external hosting partners such as DXC, IBM Cloud and NTT.

Comparison of different SAP Cloud Hosting options

Let us compare the major SAP Cloud Hosting Providers:

FactorsGoogle CloudAWSAzure
ComputeVery large VMs SAP S/4HANA up to 4 nodes totalling 48 TB of memoryVMs support up to 24TB & 48 TB memoryVery large VMs and bare metal for HANA SAP S/4HANA up to 24 TB RAM scale-up, and up to 60TB RAM scale-out
StorageCloud StorageEBS & S3 Cloud storage & Elastic File SystemAzure Storage and Azure NetApp Files
NetworkVirtual networking & InterconnectVirtual networking (VCP) & Direct ConnectVirtual networking & ExpressRoute
Security (IAM)Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM)AWS IAMAzure AD, RBAC, MFA
MonitoringCustom monitoring agent collects metrics from SAP HANA & sends to Google Cloud MonitoringCloudWatch & CloudTrailAzure Monitor for SAP Solutions
AutomationAutomation tool portfolioAutomation tool portfolioAutomation tool portfolio
BackupsBackups via SAP Backint agent, snapshots, or backup to cloud storageBackups via EC2 Create Image function & Amazon EBS snapshotsSAP HANA backup using Azure Backup Highley Available VMs
HA/DRHA via Linux clustering across regions & zonesHA and DR via multiple Availability Zones and RegionsHANA system replication / Azure Site Recovery


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