Types of SAP on Azure Projects

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SAP and Microsoft have a 25 years of partnership. Microsoft Azure provides end to end support for both SAP on Premise and SAP HANA Cloud. In this article we will try to explore the types of SAP on Azure Projects.

SAP on Azure Projects

SAP Projects on Azure are divided into two types, i.e.:

  • Migration
  • Greenfield

These two types of projects are for a client who is either existing old client or a new client of SAP. Based upon their need they can choose the project. By choosing project, it doesn’t mean that the client need to go and order these types, but it is there to identify the type of infrastructure and services related to the type of SAP project.

Types of SAP on Azure Projects


This is the most common type of SAP on Azure Projects. This is typically migrating an on-premise instance of SAP (typically ECC) to SAP HANA Cloud or S4HANA.


This is the type of SAP for the industries that do not have currently SAP, but wants to start with SAP in the Cloud. It means it is a fresh implementation of SAP.

You can read more about the projects of SAP on Azure here:




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