SAP FICO Interview Questions


SAP and SAP technology provides enormous opportunity in IT industry. With increasing operations and market, the need of SAP functional consultants has observed sharp increase in job opportunities. The main job profile for SAP functional consultants is primarily based on FICO (including S/4HANA Finance and CO). In this article we will discuss the basic questions asked by interviewers from both technical as well as functional consultants of different years of experiences.

Basic SAP FICO Interview Questions

  1. What is SAP FICO?
  2. Explain the architecture and flow of SAP FICO.
  3. What are key features of SAP FICO?
  4. What are different sub modules in SAP FI?
  5. Name the most common G/L reports in FI.
  6. Explain company and company code?
  7. What is the use of Sales returns in FI?

Advance SAP FICO Interview Questions

  1. Explain the concept of company code in SAP?
  2. Explain the concept of Chart of Accounts can company code?
  3. Explain the options in SAP for Fiscal years?
  4. Explain the concept of ‘year shift’ in SAP calendar?
  5. Explain the concept of validations and substitutions in SAP?
  6. What is the use of FSV (Financial Statement Version) of SAP FICO?
  7. Explain the concept of FI-GL (Financial- General Ledger) Accounting.
  8. Explain the problems when business area is configured?
  9. What is parallel and local currency in SAP?
  10. Explain the major components of Chart of Accounts?

SAP FICO on S/4 HANA Interview Questions

  1. Explain the newly added feature in FICO after S/4 HANA release.
  2. What is SAP S4 HANA Finance?
  3. Explain Ledgers in S/4 HANA Finance.
  4. Explain the following in terms of SAP S/4HANA Finance:
    1. Universal Journal
    2. Management accounting
    3. Financial close and consolidation
    4. Reporting and analytics
    5. Treasury and risk management
    6. SAP Finance Fiori applications
    7. Deployment and adoption
    8. Financial transformation


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