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SAP and SAP technology provides enormous opportunity in IT industry. With increasing operations and market, the need of SAP functional consultants has observed sharp increase in job opportunities. The main job profile for SAP functional consultants is primarily based on Sales & Distribution (including S/4HANA SD and Billing). In this article we will discuss the basic questions asked by interviewers from both technical as well as functional consultants of different years of experiences.

Basic SAP SD Interview Questions

  1. What is SAP SD?
  2. Explain the architecture and flow of SAP SD.
  3. What are key features of SAP SD?
  4. What are functions of Master Data in SAP SD?
  5. Explain SAP SD Sales Module.
  6. Explain SAP SD Billing Module.
  7. Explain SAP SD Shipping Module.
  8. Explain SAP SD Transportation.
  9. Explain SAP SD Sales Support.
  10. Explain SAP SD Foreign Trade.

Advance SAP SD Interview Questions

  1. How Shipping Point is determined in SAP SD?
  2. Explain the difference between milestone and periodic billing.
  3. Explain how shipping point is determined in SAP PP.
  4. Explain Sales Documents types in SAP SD.
  5. Explain Reversal PGI in SAP SD.
  6. Explain the difference between SAP credit memo request and SAP Credit Memo.
  7. Explain SAP Posting Period in SAP SD.
  8. What are the three levels that copy controls are set up in SAP SD?
  9. What are the techniques available in delivery scheduling in SAP SD?

SAP SD on S/4 HANA Interview Questions

  1. Explain the newly added feature in SD after S/4 HANA release.
  2. Explain Business partner in SAP SD.
  3. Explain Available-to-promise (ATP) in SAP SD.
  4. Explain Credit management with FSCM in SAP SD.
  5. Name the Fiori Apps in SAP SD.
  6. What is Sales Order Fulfillment Cockpit in SAP S/4HANA?



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