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SAP Fiori Launchpad is one stop to access all the SAP Fiori Applications. To make your Fiori Application visible on SAP Fiori Launchpad, you need to do Tiles setup. You need to create a tile and a catalogue and configure both of them with your application. In upcoming section we will teach you to do so step by step.

Steps to do SAP Fiori Launchpad Tiles Setup

  1. Go to Given transaction in your backend system to open Fiori Launchpad: /n/ui2/flp – fiori launchpad. To Open Designer Link: /n/ui2/flpd_cust – designer. It will open a link on your browser. [Raise, if you don’t have]
  2. Go to settings and select customizing TR. Tiles settings
  3. Go to Catalogs, Click the button below:
    tiles tr addition
  • Enter Name [App Name]
  • ID [ZC_*].
  1. Click on tiles, Create tile -> Click on Static Tile
    SAP Fiori Launchpad Tiles Setup
  • Enter Title [App Name], Semantic Object [no special/ space character ( . and _ allowed) à Unique Name], Action[manage] and click on Save
  1. Click on Target Mapping à Create Target Mapping
    1. Enter Same Semantic Object, Action and Title
    2. Application Type à SAPUI5 FIORI APP
    3. ID à Component ID [ID in Manifest.json]
  2. Click Group, create group the way catalogue was created
    1. Name à same as catalogue / App Name/ etc [Visible on FLP]
    2. ID à ZG_*
  3. Click on + button, Give your catalogue name, your tiles under that catalogue will be visible.
  4. Click on + button under that tile, to add it in the group.


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