Differences between Web Dynpro ABAP and Web Dynpro Java

Preface – This post is part of the SAP ABAP Web Dynpro series.


Web Dynpro is a framework that is used to design web-based UI applications. We can utilize Web Dynpro in both JAVA and ABAP programming languages. Both of them are utilized in such a way that it incorporates the graphical environment comprising special UI elements which help in building an attractive UI and then resulting in minimization of coding effort.

Web Dynpro ABAP

As explained in last article, Web Dynpro ABAP incorporates the complete ABAP workbench in designing web based UI application. One must be having skill set in ABAP programming, ABAP Objects, Database concepts and Development tools to develop the application. ABAP based applications can be created in one system and can be transported to the destination server with the help of transport request like any other usual ABAP objects.

Web Dynpro Java

Web Dynpro JAVA attracted a bit less commercial success in comparison to web Dynpro for ABAP although it was introduced one year before that is in 2004. So as per SAP, this has been placed in the state of maintenance that means it will be supported till the time, any bugs will get fixed. Web Dynpro JAVA programs cab be executed by JAVA server which accesses remote system in order to obtain business functionality, while model objects are required in order to incorporate the communication functionality.

Difference between web Dynpro ABAP and Web Dynpro Java

  1. WEB DYNPRO JAVA was introduced first by SAP that is in 2004 while WEB DYNPRO ABAP was introduced in 2005 due to very less popularity of WEB DYNPRO JAVA it is in the state of maintenance as per SAP rules.
  2. It is easier to transport WEB DYNPRO ABAP programs from one server to the destination server using transport request while WEB DYNPRO JAVA programs need to be transported by SAP Net Weaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI). It means if one wants to move the changes from one server to another they will have to additionally install NWDI.
  3. As WEB DYNPRO ABAP is incorporated into the ABAP workbench, database access is simple, just like in report programs and function module. One can access the database directly using the select statement. While in WEB DYNPRO JAVA, BAPIs (Business Application Programming Interfaces) are needed in order to eat up the business logic.
  4. WEB DYNPRO ABAP applications can be customized on both application level and component level. This configuration is done at design time which offers much flexibility and developers can change the look of the UI, quite easy to meet the business requirements. This is not the case for customization of WEB DYNPRO JAVA applications because for that custom development component (DC) needs to be created in Net Weaver developer studio.
  5. With all the points listed, we can easily summarize that Web Dynpro for ABAP is a better option with much more flexibilities in comparison to Web Dynpro for JAVA.


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