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Full-stack developers are those skilled programmers who can work with both the front-end and back-end of a website, including applications. They develop and design the frontend/ backend architecture of websites. Moreover, they are responsible for designing databases, server-side applications, and many more.

With the advancement in technology, top-notch companies are looking for full-stack developers. They are conducting interviews and hiring them based on their skills and knowledge. If you are looking for such profiles, you can increase your chance of getting hired by companies if you are well prepared for the full stack developer interview.

This article will provide you with all types of interview questions related to full-stack developer profiles. An SAP Full Stack Developer can have the following skills: SAP ABAP, SAP UI5, SAP HANA, SAP NodeJs or SAP JAVA.

Theory-based Interview Questions

  1. What are the basic requirements that a full-stack developer must fulfil?
  2. Tell me the programming language in which you are perfect?
  3. What type of front-end technologies you are familiar with?
  4. Do you know any databases?
  5. Do you have any prior knowledge of prototype design like UI and UX?
  6. Explain Model View Controller (MVC)?
  7. Explain Model View Presenter (MVP)?
  8. What are the various components of MVC?
  9. Highlight the differences between MVC and MVP?
  10. What is the role of the interface in MVC?
  11. What do you understand by pair programming?
  12. Define driver in pair programming?
  13. Define navigator in pair programming?
  14. What are the benefits and limitations of pair programming?
  15. Explain CORS in MVC and its works?
  16. Which one is better according to you- CORS or JSONP?
  17. What are various ways to increase a website’s scalability and efficiency?
  18. Explain how reducing DNS lookup can increase a website’s efficiency?
  19. Why assets are placed on a cookie-free domain?
  20. Compare and contrast Get and Post requests?
  21. Which one among getting and post requests is more efficient?
  22. How do Get requests to enable visibility of data?
  23. State one example of each (i). Get request (ii). Post request?
  24. What do you understand by referential transparency in functional programming?
  25. What is RESTFUL API?
  26. What do you understand by API?
  27. Explain the promise?
  28. Explain the various states of promise?
  29. What are the various ways to reduce the load time of a web application?
  30. Define Optimize dependencies in context with load time?
  31. What do you understand by continuous integration and continuous delivery?
  32. What is the CI/CD pipeline?
  33. Explain the use of CI/CD in DevOps?
  34. Name the architectural designs that are used to design software?
  35. Define monolithic architecture?
  36. What is long polling?
  37. Explain semantic HTML?
  38. What is the use of semantic HTML?
  39. Explain how null is different from undefined in Javascript?
  40. Which one is primitive: null, undefined, or both?
  41. Highlight the key differences between GraphQL and REST?
  42. Explain the different methods of session management in Servlet?
  43. What is a Request Dispatcher?
  44. Highlight the differences between constructor injection and setter injection?
  45. What are the various ways to handle exceptions in the spring MVC Framework?
  46. Highlight some points relevant to the benefits and limitations of using “use strict”?
  47. Explain some uses of Docker?
  48. What is the primary purpose of Docker?
  49. Define Dependency Injection?
  50. what are the various classes involved in Dependency injection?
  51. Name the technique that optimizes disk space?
  52. Explain Temporal Dead Zone in ES6?
  53. What is the main reason for not using arrow functions in ES6?
  54. Name the techniques that involve removing redundant data from a database?

Full-stack web developer interview Questions for freshers?

  1. Which programming language do you practice the most and why?
  2. How do you update yourself with the latest trends in technology?
  3. Tell me about the most recent thing/ technology that you have learned?
  4. According to you, what are the most important qualities that a full stack developer must have?
  5. If you are given a chance to develop a project from scratch, which technology and language will be chosen by you?
  6. What do you understand by Full-stack development?
  7. What is the main role of full-stack developers?
  8. Name some full-stack developer tools?

Full-stack web developer interview Questions for Experienced?

  1. Tell us about the project on which you are working nowadays?
  2. If you found your batchmate’s code inefficient. What will be your approach to deal with that?
  3. Do you know about design patterns?
  4. What is the best debugging that you have done till now?
  5. What do you enjoy the most- management or execution?
  6. Explain Continuous Integration?
  7. What do you know about Multithreading?
  8. Tell me about some of the latest trends in full-stack developers?
  9. Compare and contrast Blue/green deployment and rolling deployment?
  10. Highlight some differences between normalization and denormalization?
  11. What are the various types of full-stack developers?
  12. Which is the best full-stack?
  13. Do you think a full-stack developer is a good career?
  14. What are your expectations with respect to the pay scale as a full-stack developer?

Commonly asked Interview Questions

  1. Tell us something about the Event-Driven Architecture Pattern?
  2. Difference between ServletContext and ServletConfig?
  3. What do you know about numeric promotion?
  4. Tell us about the most puzzling programming challenge you have come across recently?
  5. What are you coding currently?
  6. What is the biggest mistake you have made in your projects? What was your approach to rectifying that?
  7. Define Inversion of control?
  8. Define the Observer pattern?

Java-related Interview Questions

  1. Explain the Connection leak in java? How can we fix it?
  2. List the advantages of Hibernate over JDBC?
  3. What is boilerplate code?
  4. Which one is better with respect to performance: Hibernate or JDBC?
  5. Explain double brace initialization in java?
  6. What is the use of double brace initialization?
  7. How will you avoid deadlock in java?
  8. Explain the critical section?
  9. Explain the SOLID principle in java?
  10. What are ways to protect the critical sections?
  11. Explain MEAN Stack?

Javascript related Interview Questions

  1. What is callback hell, and how to fix it?
  2. What are frameworks?
  3. Explain Event bubbling?
  4. Name the scripting language used by CORC?
  5. Define Capturing?



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