SAP MTA Interview Questions


MTA stands for Multi-Target Application, sometimes also known as MultiApps technology. Initially, it was architected for SAP HANA XSA applications, but with the release of SAP Business Technology Platform, the Cloud Foundry environment, the MTA model was included as a part of the Advanced programming model of the SAP HANA.

MTA comprises multiple parts created with different technologies and deployed to different targets but with a single, common lifecycle. This article will get all types of interview questions related to SAP MTA.

SAP MTA Interview questions also include SAP UI5 Interview questions, SAP HANA Interview Questions, SAP NodeJs Interview questions and SAP BTP Interview Questions.

Basic level Interview Questions

  1. What do you understand by MTA?
  2. How has MTA proved beneficial for the SAP Business Technology platform?
  3. What was the main objective of developing MTA?
  4. What are the 3 A’s of MTA?
  5. Explain Abstraction in context with SAP MTA?
  6. Name the various modules under abstraction that are addressed by MTA?
  7. Explain Assembly in context with SAP MTA?
  8. Explain Automation in context with SAP MTA?
  9. What do you understand by the “blue-green” strategy?
  10. Define Transactional consistency?
  11. Name the descriptor that governs ‘What to build and how to build’?
  12. What is the role of the deployment descriptor?

MTA Descriptor Model

  1. What are the components included in the header of MTA?
  2. Name the keywords that are used to define the dependencies?
  3. Explain Module Hooks?
  4. What are Global elements?
  5. Name the command used to deploy MTA?

Development tools

  1. Name the built-in support for MTAs?
  2. What is SAP Web IDE?
  3. What does SAP Web IDE include?
  4. How can we develop MTA applications?
  5. What do you understand by Cloud Foundry environment?



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