Setup of SAP Web Dynpro Application

Preface – This post is part of the SAP ABAP Web Dynpro series.


Web Dynpro in SAP ABAP is a standard technology which is used to create web-based applications using ABAP programing language. Web Dynpro includes many graphical development tools which are included in ABAP workbench. Because of the use of a graphical tool, it seems to be more user-friendly. In this article we will learn about the setup of SAP Web Dynpro Application.

Setup of SAP Web Dynpro Application

Step 01: Goto the transaction SE80

Step 02: Click Repository Browser

web dynpro Object Navigator

Step 03: Select Create web Dynpro component and assign it a name as shown above. On Clicking enter it will open a pop up as shown below:

Create web dynpro App

Step 04: Enter the description, chose the type and Assign Window and View name as shown below:

web dynpro Connectivity browser

Step 05: Now a view is created as shown below:

web dynpro in SE80

Step 06: Double click the view to open it, as shown below. Choose the layout option here:

web dynpro layout

Step 07: In the right hand side, you will see two options, choose Root Element Container, as shown below:

web dynpro root

Step 08: In above step, choose Insert Element:

web dynpro Insert Element

Step 09: Provide ID and TYPE of the element, as shown below:

web dynpro Create Element

Step 10: For the element “Page Header” you have just created, define the properties available in the right pane:

web dynpro properties

The title that we have provided above will be the header of the Web Dynpro Application. It is suggested to give a meaning title, unlike the one we have mentioned.

Step 11: To save your application, click CTRL + S

Step 12: Now activate your application, by right clicking the application name from left pane and clicking “Activate”, as shown below:

web dynpro explorer

Step 13: Whatever, we have done is just the creation of Web Dynpro Interface/Component. To get an executable Application, right click and under Create option, choose “Web Dynpro Application”.

web dynpro Application

Provide the name of the application and meaningful description. The application you have just created will appear just below the “Windows” option above. Now right click the Web Dynpro Application and click test to open your application. The application will open in Internet Explorer.


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