Components in Web Dynpro

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Web Dynpro is a SAP based technology which is used to create web-based Application. To develop a web based application we need multiple components and interfaces. In this article we will explain Components in Web Dynpro in detail.

Components in Web Dynpro

A Web Dynpro component is a reusable entity. The creation of Components in Web Dynpro is a mandatory process. A Web Dynpro component can even contain another Web Dynpro Component. The lifetime of Web Dynpro component begins at runtime of the application and end with the lifetime of Web Dynpro Application.


It is a data container (or a temporary storage area) where we store data during runtime of Web Dynpro Application.

UI Element

It is the most important element of Web Dynpro. It is a display/screen element. Using it, we can display any information on the screen. It include Text View, Radio Buttons, Drop Down, Check Boxes, Tables, etc.


Like HTML websites, it is the screen that is visible on the browser. It is the same view that we have discussed in the MVC concept of Web Dynpro earlier.


The window is the container that holds multiple view altogether.


It is the section that contains the business logic of our Web Dynpro Application. Like SAP ABAP, we include Select statements, Function Module, other code blocks here.


As we have discussed about MVC architecture of Web Dynpro, a controller is used to communicate between views and models (data). These models are extracted from the Methods.

Navigation Plugs

A navigation plug, as its name suggests is used to navigate between multiple views.


Once we are done with all the component creation, modelling and coding, we need to get an executable link which is extracted from Web Dynpro Application.

Advantage of Components in Web Dynpro

Following are the advantages of Components in Web Dynpro:

  1. It helps in Structuring the programming
  2. It helps in creating blocks which are easily manageable
  3. It creates blocks which are reusable


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