SAP CAPM Job Description (JD) Sample


The SAP CAPM is an opinionated yet open framework of tools, languages, and libraries for efficiently building enterprise-grade services and applications. It leads developers down a “golden path” of tried-and-true best practices while minimizing boilerplate so they can focus on the domain problems. The framework incorporates widely used open-source and SAP tools and technologies. While particular guidelines can vary depending on factors such as the employer and their industry, employing managers mostly look for SAP specialists. When they need to find a specialist who can assist them in selecting, continuing to develop, and implementing the required functionality for their institution. Aspirants may also seek SAP advisors who can analyze their system specifications and combine the software into existing IT systems.

Job Description and Requirements

  • Evaluating the needs of a client through strategies such as competitor analysis, data management, and consulting sessions.
  • Evaluating the company’s current software and IT structure to identify its strengths, potential areas for improvement, and potential integrations.
  • Prepare reports on recommended SAP implementations or changes.
  • Creating programs with user interfaces that are simple for clients to use.
  • Conducting software tests, such as unit tests, to ensure that the systems work correctly and that all features work well together.
  • Creating technical manuals or user guides for software solutions. Also, get involved in development and deployment.

Also, all the Requirements related to SAP MTA

Education and Experience

The majority of SAP specialists have a bachelor’s degree. They usually have a postgraduate degree in computer science, information technology, computer programming, or a related field. Many SAP specialists also take business administration, finance, and project management courses. They may even consider getting a master’s degree in information technology or business administration.

  • Good Knowledge of CAPM Infrastructure
  • NodeJs, UI5, and SAP HANA knowledge
  • SAP BTP, Destination setup, and HANA deployment
  • API Integration using UI5, as well as NodeJs
  • Job Scheduler Integration
  • Multi-Target Application Development and Deployment
  • GIT integration
  • SAP Business Application Studio

Work hours and Benefits

You will get flexible work hours, which means aspirants can come and go whenever needed. As a matter of policy, the company allows you to work from home on any weekday. Breakfast is provided at no cost. Lunch, evening snacks, and dinner are all complimentary. If employees die, their family members are entitled to financial benefits. Employees can also request financial assistance for highly high medical expenses. All you have to do is volunteer to contribute INR 250 per month to a standard corpus.

Some Extra Benefits Include

Maternity policy: Six months of paid leave and six months of unpaid leave are provided. Pregnant female employees can use the cab service for two months at any time during their pregnancy. Paternity leave is granted to men for three weeks.

Employees with flexible work schedules: If you are a parent of a differently-abled child under the age of 7, you can either work from home for a maximum of three days per week or work daily on a flexible schedule, where you work for a minimum of four hours per day in the office and the rest from home.


Several companies are hiring for this job profile. The need is to find the correct industry matching with skills and job search requirements. The selected company must be contacted through the official mail Id provided over the web page, and further procedures must be followed for the hiring process.



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