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SAP is an organization where a candidate can become a part of a globally connected team. More than 100000 + employees share their ideas to run the projects more effectively. The different types of programs and structures are built to promote various sectors of society, such as personal growth, career development, and safety. SAP was initially started in 1972 and has become the top software company. The SAP company is now a market leader in terms of applications software. The employees collectively work on different solutions to innovate and foster opportunities for customers worldwide. There are various job profiles provided by SAP concur organization.

There is an essential requirement of understanding the conquer development tools for the job profiles in the organization.

Job Description and Responsibility

  • The person must have 2 to 4 years of experience in the related field.
  • Must have experience in SAP conquer design and tools such as user administration, workflows, and audit rules.
  • The person must be capable of discussing the expense types concept with customers.
  • Should have good communication skills to develop internal and external relationships among clients.
  • Must have some hands-on experience with modifying profile page settings and custom text.
  • Having experience with different settings of forms would be a bonus.
  • Have to perform different changes whenever requested by the customers.
  • Should be capable of resolving and troubleshooting issues whenever raised by clients.
  • Must have good problem-solving skills.
  • Must be good in planning and organizing and have information about process management and business perspective strategies.

Working hours and benefits

There are different types of benefits within the projects. The person has to work full time, which will be 40 + hours per week, and further will be adjusted according to the present job satisfaction and project requirement. Sometimes there is a need for flexible hours. The person can work in different locations, and some areas allow remote working. The candidate can enjoy additional health accommodations if facing physical or mental disabilities. The salary may vary per the candidate’s experience in the same field. The person can expect a salary package from 8 lakh per annum to 28 lakh per annum.

Education and experience

The person must have a degree with a BA or BS. The person must have experience in supporting concur software and management consulting. If a person has experience with technical file integration and software design, the person will have a chance to stand outstanding among other applied candidates. The applicant must have hands-on experience with SAP concur administration tools and software.


Suppose the job profile seems to be full feeling your job search requirements and all the skill sets match your skill sets. In that case, the applicants can share the application through email over the official email ID provided by the company on the official website. After clearing the profile selective round, the person must complete the necessary procedure. The whole process will be done without paying attention to your age, religion, nation, gender, and race.



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