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SAP is a leading platform in success factors that are implemented in the market. The job role of success factors job profile builders is one who stores the profiles that can be used in the recruiting process or in the phase of achieving goals. The job model is primarily used in recruiting; employee profiles are reserved or stored as content. It is stored for the future reservation or full feeling the future needs whenever there is a requirement. There are different attributes for making a job profile ready such as certifications, skills, interview questions, education, physical requirements, employment conditions, competencies, and many more.

SAP Success Factors Job Requirements and Responsibilities

There are different job roles, such as functional consultant, IT services, and consulting. The primary role lies in the functional consulting area.

  • Must have technical experience in workforce configuration.
  • The requirement also lies in the experience of SQL queries that can be analyzed and designed for a business process.
  • Must be capable of validating the design directly with the clients and ensuring the client’s satisfaction with requirements.
  • Having some professional attributes such as writing and communication skills would be a beneficial bonus.
  • Must have vital skills such as SAP, consulting, business process, technical architecture, operations, test scripts, and SQL queries.
  • Capable of understanding the incident problems and providing a needful solution to the same.
  • Have the ability to manage the customers and can work on chat support to provide a solution over the ticket raised for an incident.

SAP success factors Skills and Qualifications

  • Some hands-on experience with SAP success factors and Hana.
  • Have some essential skills such as SAP, business process, SQL queries, and test scripts.
  • Good communication skills and also capable of dealing with end clients.
  • Candidate must have good problems solving skills over a ticket raised by clients.

Education and experience Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related technical fields.
  • Two + of experience in implementing success factors.


Apply for the job role after meeting all the requirements with your skills through the given links or website. Another option is reaching through the careers option on the website and dropping the resume or CV for selection. A person can also get the HR contact if anyhow available.


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